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DETROIT - Ford Motor Co. will invest $1.45 billion and create 3,000 jobs in Michigan, putting the company's commitment to promising new jobs and economic development in the Detroit-Wayne County region in focus. Ford Motors: DETROit-Ford Motor Corp is investing $2.5 billion to build a new assembly plant in Detroit, Michigan, adding more than 3,000 jobs to bring its promise of a strong, sustainable future to Michigan and the US as a whole into sharper focus. DETROIT - Ford Auto Corp., the world's second-largest automaker, is investing $1. $45 billion in Michigan and more than $3.05 billion over the next five years to build a new state-owned manufacturing facility in Ford's Michigan City region and focus on the promised long-term investments in the Michigan Motor Valley and Detroit's economy.

Ford will create 300 jobs at the Dearborn truck plant over the next five years and invest about $700 million to support the construction of a new assembly plant in Michigan City and the creation of 3,000 new jobs in the Detroit-Wayne County region. It will invest $700 million in a truck plant near Dearback, Michigan, where 300 new jobs will be created, as well as $500 million for research and development and $300 million for the Michigan State University's Automotive Research and Development Research Center and $200 million for Ford Motor Co. headquarters in Michigan Motor Valley in Detroit and Detroit Business Park. And it will invest $600 million in a truck plant outside Dearburn, Mich., where it will also invest 400 new employees at Ford's Michigan truck plant and another $400 million at its Michigan plant in Flint.

The truck plant in Dearborn will build new trucks, and Ford will also create 1,000 full-time jobs at Michigan State University's automotive research and development center on its campus near Dearborn, Michigan. It will also create 300 jobs in Michigan City and the construction of a new assembly plant at the Flint plant, as well as $500 million in research and development and $300 million for Ford Motor Co. headquarters in Michigan Motor Valley and Detroit Business Park, and another $200 million at Ford Detroit Motor Company headquarters. The truck plant in Dearborn, which will create 300 new jobs, a $700 million investment in a truck factory in Flint, and an additional $400 million in research, development, engineering and manufacturing investments for the research center that will build new vehicles for its Michigan plant.

In a statement, Ford said workers at the Wayne plant will modify and finish Ford's first autonomous vehicles starting in 2021, including self-driving technology and an interior built for autonomous travel. Workers at the Detroit plant, as well as workers in Michigan City and Flint, Michigan, will remodel and complete Ford's "first autonomous vehicles" from 2019 to 2020, which include technologies for self-driving cars and building interiors for foronomous travel, Ford said in a statement. In a statement, Ford says workers at Ford's plant in Detroit and Michigan State University Automotive Research and Development Center in Dearborn, Michigan, Mich., will modify workers from the Wayne plant, finish and finalize Ford's first "autonomous vehicles" starting in 2021 and ending in 2023 and 2026, including self-driving technology, an interior for autonomous driving, according to Ford.

The company has committed to creating and maintaining 1,000 full-time jobs at the Dearborn plant, 61,047 of which are above the regional average. The company is expected to break ground on a $1.5 billion, 10,500-square-foot assembly plant in Michigan City, Michigan, USA, in the mid-2020s and commit to be a part of the creation and maintenance of 2,100 full-time jobs. And part - Temporary jobs at Ford's Detroit plant and Michigan State University Automotive Research and Development Center, which is above the regional average.

DTE Energy is an equal opportunity employer and considers veteran status protected, as does any other statutory status. Candidates must have completed at least one year of high school - secondary school, but no college degrees. You must have a bachelor's or master's degree from a public or private university in the United States.

To perform the tasks of the job, employees are occasionally exposed to external weather conditions, including: heat, cold, moisture and humidity. The physical requirements characterized here embody the necessity that employees must fulfill in order to perform the integral functions of this work properly. To perform the tasks, there is no heat or cold or damp or humid conditions.

Employees often have to speak, hear, walk, stand, sit, occasionally bend down, squat, squat and stand up. In order to properly perform the integral functions of the job, employees need the ability to grasp and grip extensively with their hands and arms. The decisive factor for the outcome of this task is that employees can use their hands in such a way that they can be touched, worked on and felt with fingers, hands, hands, arms and legs. Employees often have to walk with employees and use both hands, grasp extensively for hand and arm and sit and sit. Anyone working in a particular location, who may require travel, who adheres to the required schedule and who undergoes a background check that includes previous employment, training and criminal record, is required to do so.