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I keep hearing that the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, is a great attraction for anyone who is out of state. Since its inception in 1929, it has been one of the most popular tourist attractions in the entire state of Michigan. The Ford Rotunda has been a fixture in the area for decades and is so popular that it attracts more than a million visitors each year.

The complex, now called Henry Ford, was created by company founder HenryFord himself - it is described as "America's greatest historical attraction." When the Chicago World's Fair closed in 1934, he decided that the Rotunda would be perfect for exhibiting industrial exhibits at home in Dearborn. The sprawling 250-hectare site houses the original Ford Motor Company plant and a number of other historic buildings. Visitors can visit the factory and experience the history of one of the largest automotive companies in the world.

Climb the walls to the top of the Rotunda, the tallest building in the world with a diameter of 2,500 feet and a height of 3,000 feet.

Visitors can head to the big city next door, downtown, for great views of the Michigan State University campus and the University of Michigan campus.

The Ford Rotunda is located on Schaefer Road in Dearborn and opened its doors to the public in May 1936. Anyone who lived in Detroit in the 1940s or 1950s can learn about the events of the 20th century by visiting the Ford Rotunda in Dearborn. If you're a kid, the historic downtown area is the place to be, as are the Michigan State University campus and the University of Michigan campus.

In 1898, the city was given a new station to assert the power and influence of the MC, and Dearborn became the first station west of Detroit. It served as the terminus of the Grand Trunk Western Railway, Canada's first passenger railway, which came under its patronage in 1928. The structure was considered authentic by historians at the time, but was then dismantled and moved to Greenfield Village, Michigan.

Ford Motor Co.'s automotive industry increased the daily population of Dearborn to 150,000, while the permanent population was about 100,000, making it Michigan's tenth-largest city. Today, more than 96,500 residents live in the city where Ford Motor Company is based.

Ford Motor Company hosts fan events in Dearborn, Michigan, including the annual Detroit Auto Show and Ford's annual Michigan State Fair, as well as the annual Ford World Tour.

Community events bring everyone together, and all dates can participate in what makes Dearborn and Detroit so special. Learn how to put it all together and have the best experience with our Detroit - to - Detroit travel guide. Sign up for our daily Detroit email here and be the first to get all the food, drink and fun Motor City has to offer. Start with 17 points and let the list grow from here, but the fun things to do in Dearback Michigan will keep coming back.

Visit the first and only museum in the United States dedicated to Arab-American history and culture. During your visit to Detroit, visit the Ford Rouge Factory, learn how Motown got started, enjoy the trendy food scene in Detroit, visit one of the best art museums in our US and learn more about how it all started. Then you can watch the drivers on the island of Detroit - to Detroit, where the largest one-day car show in the world takes place in North America. Take a walk through all the activities in Michigan this weekend at Greenfield Village.

If you want to see a film or a series, you don't have to look too far to find an inspired culture in Dearborn. It is home to one of the city's leading tourist attractions, the Henry Ford Museum. Located in the Henry Ford Museum, this place attracts automobile lovers from all over the world.

Michigan is home to a beautifully decorated downtown, so it's easy to embrace the spirit of the season and enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas.

The Henry Ford Museum has permanent and rotating exhibits, and you will always find trains, planes and cars. It is easy to organise a self-guided tour or take the movers that circle the business district in the city centre to admire a range of architectural features. There are many places you can take your children to, such as Sleeping Bear Dunes National Park, the Michigan State University campus and the University of Michigan. If the cold weather in Michigan restricts outdoor activities, buckle up and visit one of the many museums and museums in the state capital. The remarkable history of the city speaks for itself, from the Great Lakes Railroad Museum to the Grand Rapids Art Museum, there is always a train, plane or car nearby.

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